Meerkat Camping Trailer

camping trailer

4x4 Camping Trailer

  • Trailpac Meerkat is manufactured using .9 3CR12 stainless steel
  • All parts are powder coated.
  • Stainless-steel bolts & nuts are used during assembly.
  • All door apertures are sealed using motor industry grade door seals.
  • Manufactured for maximum strength with minimal weight
camping trailers
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Suspension and Chassis

  • Std 1.6 ton high speed un-braked 45mm Axle.
  • 14” Rims with 195R14 tyres. 
  •  2700kg coupler
  • Hot dipped galvanised chassis.
Trailpac trailers
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Tent and Awning

Da Wild canvas safari tents are used:

  • Base size: 1450mm x 2150mm
  • Floor size 2150mm x 2300mm
  • Fabric : rip stop canvas 440 GSM FCs coated
  • Colour : Dark Gre
  • y ( other colours on request)
  • Design: upper section
    3 x windows with internal zip openings and external flaps
  • Bottom section 2 x large doors and 1 x large window all opening section secured with shade net ( To keep away mozzies etc. )
  • Floor : PVC 550 GSM attached zip with for cleaning
  • Zips : Heavy duty YKK
  • Standard : kitchen awning 1.8 m projection included
  • Rear awning with zip attachment included
  • Flysheet included
  • Dew sheet included
  • 100 mm thick mattress
  • Structure : Aluminium base
    Poles aluminium
  • Cover : PVC with zip attachment
  • Optional : side walls
  • Includes pegs and ropes  
Meerkat camping trailer
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Electrical Options and Fridges 

  • National Luna DC – DC Charger NLDC-25 or 
  • National Luna Power pack 2 
  • SMF Solar/inverter/ ups deep cycle battery
  • 60L National Luna fridge freezer can be used or
  • 60L Smowmaster fridge freezer  
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XR Solar panel 200w foldable panel

During camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, the foldable solar blanket is perfect for the outdoors to charge your deep cycle batteries, phone, camera, laptop, and MORE!
✔️ This lightweight foldable solar 6-panel blanket kit comes with a handy carry case!
✔️ The XR Solar Blanket solar panels are much lighter and take up less space compared to traditional fold-up solar panels.
✔️ A charge controller is included, so you can connect directly to a GEL, flooded or SLA battery without any additional hardware.
✔️ The panel comes with a 4.5m lead as well as a 50cm lead Anderson with Alligator Clip
✔️The charge controller also includes a 2A USB charging outlet, perfect for charging mobile phones, tablets, and other devices in an emergency.
✔️ Built with highigrade monocrystalline solar panels, and safety features including short circuit, open circuit, reverse polarity, overload, and dual MOSFET reverse current protection.
✔️ A carry bag is supplied with a built-in pouch for accessory storage.
✔️ 12-month warranty as a mark of quality.
🔋 200W
☀️ Solar Cell – Monocrystalline
☀️ Maximum power(w) – 200w
☀️ Voltage at max power (Vmp) – 18.6V
☀️ Current at max power (Imp) – 11.1A
☀️ Folded Dimensions – 53 x 37 x 5cm
☀️ Unfolded Dimensions – 110 x 105 x 0.3cm
☀️ Packing Weight – 7.5kg

☀️ Efficiency rate – 21.00%

Panel can produce 88 Amp/hour charge per day.* This panel is ideal to charge 2x 100amp/hour batteries.
2x Camping fridges/freezers.
LED Lights and low current devices (Cellphone chargers,etc). Inverter to power small appliances (Laptop and camera chargers)
All values subject to weather conditions and available sunlight.(calculated on 8 hours of good sunlight)


  • Fridge slide 
  • 2 x Food drawers 
  • 1 x Gas griller on door 
  • 2 x Clothes drawers 
  • Side storage 
  • Back storage for table , chairs and other gear  
trailpac trailers
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Cad Drawings of Trailer

meerkat trailer
Kitchen side
Kitchen side
Tent side
camping trailer rentals
Tent side
Trailer bottom
Trailer top
camping fridge